Welcome to the Upper Township Beach Patrol Website!

All beaches in Strathmere will be guarded daily from 10 am-6 pm beginning June 18.  Protected beaches will be at Seacliff, Williams, Whittier, Tecumseh, Sherman, and Prescott.  Morris beach will have guards on weekends.  Guards will be at headquarters until 8 pm if called to respond. ( ALERT schedule starts)
Beesley’s Point will be guarded daily from 9 am -5 pm beginning on June 18.

Regular Beach Coverage

Guards will be protecting the beaches of the following streets this summer:

Seacliff, Williams, Whitter, Tecumseh, Sherman, and Prescott

Beaches will be protected from 10 am to 6 pm

Alert Crews will be present until 8 pm Call 263-1151 or 911 if needed

Lifeguard Headquarters is located on Williams Rd and Neptune in Strathmere, NJ

Come join us for all the excitement on the beach this summer!

To contact us you can call 609-263-1151



Interested in becoming a lifeguard?

Please check the “Prospective Employment” link at the top of this page.

Attention all Returning Guards:

 Check the link at the top of the page for all information you will need for the summer of 2017