The Alumni Page contains a list of former Upper guards as well as some images from days gone by. Know of someone we missed from the list? We’d love to know and add them! Send an e-mail to


Lt Greg Van Gilder


Lt Manning- The Party!


3rd Place Cape May County 2007


At the races


Liz Millar


Jen Callahan Img_5213w

Jeff Harrison


Brian Riordan


Eva Guerreri and MJ McCann


Jon O’Neil and Jimmy Gibbons 100_0051

GVG carried out 000_0053

Ex web master Brig Seaver 000_0047

Jim Dugan & the frame of HQ 000_0027

Surfin Steve Baniewitz 100_0174

Amy Townsend, Emily Buhler, and Brenda Briney working the kayak race The Old shack & 1st place Lady Ospreys

The original shack and the 1st place Lady Osprey Surf Dashers Shark Bonsall Handley 1987

Capt Mattera, Lt. Handley & Lt. Bonsall honored for a rescue made in 1988 Early 80sUTBP in late 1970s

2004 Patrol

2004 Patrol 1991 Patrol1991 Patrol 1990 Patrol1990 Patrol 1987 singlesHandley finishing SJ in OC 1987 1987 Patrol1987 Patrol 1984 patrol

1984 Patrol

7 man standEill, Handley, Massey , Ohara, Camp, Warnock, Schwartz -1990c bbq 19901990 Chicken Barbeque connellys and doo

Connelly Bros with original Sea Doo dubrille hadley mangold 1979Captain Mike Dubrille with patrol around 1979 E scott boomer Mrs ScottLt. Blake with Eric and Mrs. Scott eill & 94 MS Shirts1994 MS Shirts (1st with traditional logo) Jack O’Hara and SG Brian Bonsall,  Lt. Steve Eill fire rescue

1st Day with Fire/Rescue Boat- named in honor of 1st Responders after 9/11 forkin handley lunchbox

Forkin, Handley, Lunchbox hadley schmidt

Dave Hadley & Captain Dave Schmidt Handley bonsall

Lt. Gerry Bonsall and Lt. Bill Handley heroesT-shirt pose for Summer of 2000- Jeff Harrison, Jeff Cordrey, MJ McCann hot dogs 1984Opening Day 1984-  Hot Dog Weenies in use mann massey bonsall oharaPat Mann, Amy Massey, Gerry Bonsall, Jack Ohara massey double fistAmy Massey, party begins in uniform, but not on duty! oc women 2010Lady Osprey- OC Champions 2010! opening hq

Opening our new HQ traderTrader Al- Beach Inspector of UTBP

The Alumni Page contains a list of former Upper guards as well as some images from days gone by. Know of someone we missed from the list? We’d love to know and add them! Send an e-mail to
Former Upper guards by decade….

1930s & 1940s


1932-1942-John Trainor

Joe McSweeney

Charles Shaffer* (support)

Joe Boyer ‘41

Mrs. Price* (support)

1943 -No guards available

1944 -No guards available

Leon Scott- John Carmona ‘45

Walter Green-John Carmona ‘46

Stanley Hoffstein-James McCloskey ‘47

James McCloskey-Joseph Carbey ‘48

John Walsh- Wilson Carmona ‘49

Committee members– Joe Dillenberg, Harlan Whittcamp, Wallace Traumner, Frank Albertson

Beach Inspector– Merritt Brown




Wilson Carmona- Robert Mueller ‘50

Joe Flanigan-James Flanigan ‘51

Joe Flanigan-James Flanigan ‘52

James Spence- George Athernolt ‘53

J Colton Bonsall- George Athernolt ‘54

George Athernolt-Joeseph Brener ‘55

George Athernolt- William Wood ‘56

George Athernolt-Martin Whelan- Joanne Lovette ‘57

James McIlanne-Martin Whelan-John Jarvis-Joanne Lovette ‘58

John Jarvis-David Skand-Joanne Lovette ‘59

Committee members– as of 1957- Lewis Carmona, Frank Albertson, William Massey, David Emill, William Kirch, John Dalgiesh

Beach Inspector– Merritt Brown




Doug Wescott

Jim Schroder

Walt Koval

Dennis Strobel

Harlan Wittkamp*

Bobby Williams



Tom Andress

Dick Alliger *†

Jim Callahan

Steve Wildblood

Mark Cox

Jerry Jamison*†

Ron Seemen

Dave Hadley

Mike Dubrille*

Pete Griffin*

Dave Schmidt*

Sandy Omrod

Garret Dunn

Mary Lynn Bond

Jeff Jones

Franny Difiore

Bonnie Peel

Mark Schuttie

John Schmidt

Dave Silva

John Randolph

Ray Mangold

Mike Jamison



Joe LaRosa Jr

.Jeff Henning*

Paul McCracken

John Rollins

Bill McCutcheon*

Joe Callahan

Pat Mann

Mike Garrity

Pat Cox

Mike Cox

Greg Shetler

Kevin Schneider

Eric Weeks*

John Forelli

Mike Brown

Orin Yesko

JJ Andress

Bill Bowden

Gretchen Muller

Bob Muller

Carolyn Muller

Hugh Harper

Rich Ingram

Mike Bell

Andrew Pores

Lance Eberle

Dave Meade

Dave Shivers

Fran Connelly

John Gangini

Steve Sutter

Chris Sarullo

Dave Mullin

Chris Mullin

John Forkin

George Dowling

John Redding

Mike Redding

Barbara Grant

Mark Richardson

Zack Zimmerman

Jeff Stull

Jeff Smythe

Paul Mattera*

Gerry Bonsall†

Todd Malinsinski

Paul Omrod

Dave Scott

Eric Scott

Chris Mazurek

Scott Warnock

Keith Scott




Terry Connely

Shawn Connely

Mary Jean McCann

Ken Dudnick

Jim Dudnick

Jeff Cordrey

Boomer Blake

Jerry Sottung

Matt Jamison

John Dickey

Frank Lanzetta

Dave Costantino

Kurt Wayton

Wally Zimolong

Beth Gimbell

Kathy Randazzo

Bill Meyers

JJ Kohler

John Beaver

John Meehan

Barkely McDonnel

Amanda Ferguson

Dean Ferguson

Kara McNally

Kate Stonelake

Bob Schwartz

Adrian Jankowski

Bill Stackhouse

Bill Carey

Jeff Smythe

Sean McGlinn

Brian McNally

Brian Hook

Kevin Roche

Jessica Newcomb

Jon Storz

Jen Harrison

Eric Hibbs

Steve Eill

Jeff Eill

Amy Massey†

Mike Chern

Kevin Schneider

Joe Korup

Todd McHale

Mike Cronin

Dan Coffey

Rob Coffey

Victoria Schriver

Geoff Wayton

Chris Meyers

Kevin Donahue

Matt Blake

Mike Cogan

Ed Devlin

Duncan Widman

Ken Ackerman

Kyle _______

Mike Milita

Gayle Dornan

Lars Brown

Ed Donovan

Chris Donovan

Kevin O Hara†

Caroline Shimp

Jason Smith




Schuyler Rocky

Jeff Cordrey

Maria McCann

Brenda Briney

Jen Callahan

Lauren Eiden

Dave Hollinger

Jeff Harrison

Chip Horner

Brig Seaver

John Mruz

Mike Dugan

Brandon Brady

Greg Hughes

Matt Palombo

Eva Guerreri

Gabe Guerreri

Denise Burke

Dan Stephenson

Emily Buhler

Ian Hardin

Dave Larro

Jim Wyner

Steve Baniewitz

Andrew White

Amy Townsend

Jim O Connor

Kevin Wallace

Alex Eiden

Brian Riordan




Gary Riordan

Liz Millar

Tom McCann Jr

Rich Kelly

Pat Kelly

Joe Giardino

Pat Egan

Nick Roash

Hayley Conover

Alex Foresman

Tyler Baldi

Tim Drake

Zack Kranefield

Pat Curran

Mary Ellen Curran

Kate Kenny-Tobiason

Adam Hadley

* Former Captain        Deceased

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