Bay Race

The 2015 Bay Race date has been set.  The race will be held on Tuesday, July 21st.  The race will begin at 6:30 pm.  We are planning on having 3 starts for Van Duyne Surfboats and 1 paddleboard starts for a variety of paddlboards including 12 ft prone, open prone, and SUP divisions.  A online registration will be available soon.

2014 Six Mile Bay Row Results

1 1:14:03 Dylan Kosten/Matt Garbutt OCBP
2 1:14:50 Carl Smallwood/ BJ Fox MC A/ L A
3 1:15:00 Craig Whitehead/Justin Coney ABP
4 1:15:03 Brandon Joyce/Dave Buckley WBP
5 1:15:05 Bill Kindle/ Wayne MacMurray UT A/ W A
6 1:15:20 Paul Boardman/Dan Brady OCBP
7 1:15:28 Matt Wolf/Jake Enright ABP
8 1:15:45 Terry McGovern/Derrick Koborowski WCBP/WBP
9 1:15:51 Chris Vittele/Anthony Onimus CMBP
10 1:16:36 Mark Dileo/ Rick Perrine Surf City BP
11 1:17:13 Erich Wolf/Shane McGrath ABP
12 1:17:36 Ed Giordano/ Steve Kwalick CMBP
13 1:17:47 Jon Oneil/ Joe Oneil UTBP
14 1:18:02 Dennis Funk/George Miller VCBP A
15 1:18:37 Tim Drake/ Brenda Howard BCBP/UT A
16 1:18:41 Ryan Clark/Shawn McCann OCBP
17 1:19:29 Pete Lees/Shawn Stamm NWBP
18 1:19:30 Shane Dickson/Hunter Pazagno MCBP
19 1:19:48 Mike Manning/Sean O’Brien UT
20 1:20:07 John Livingstone/ Tim Regan NWBP
21 1:20:17 Jim Gibbons/Kevin Larkin UT A
22 1:20:26 John Preston/Nate Dirbin WBP
23 1:20:28 Ryne Adolph/John Steiger WCBP
24 1:21:00 Colin Stewart/Ryan Fisher UT
25 1:21:09 Erich Becker/Chris Denn OC
26 1:21:24 Jordan Roney/Nick Tyson WCBP
27 1:22:30 Bob Garbutt/ Giovanni Imbessi OC Alum
28 1:23:12 Swift/ Walls MCBP
29 1:23:32 Justin Safano/Nick Matouche SICBP
30 1:23:53 Ed Schneider/Tyler Coe WBP
31 1:24:16 Dominique Dougherty/Casey McCallister  OC Alum
32 1:24:48 Rod Tice/Cara Thomas UTBP
33 1:25:07 Conner Owen/Vito DiPentino MCBP
34 1:25:15 Paul Melchiorre/Zachary DeVoe ABP
35 1:25:48 John Mallett/Erik Arenberg ABP
36 1:26:31 Dan Palombo/Joanne Palombo UTBP/ SIC A
37 1:27:45 Louis Papa/Andrea Stickley ABP
38 1:28:58 Greg Vangilder/ Beth Desmond UTBP
39 1:30:21 Sam Palombo/Griffin Grimes UT
40 1:32:11 Carissa Clark/Madi Sehn ABP
41 1:37:20 Joe LaRosa/Barbara LaRosa UTBP A
42 1:39:01 Taylor Hennessy/ Abby Frietag UTBP

2014 Four Mile Bay Paddle Results

# TIME Paddler Category PATROL
1 0:59:20 Graham Parker 12 ft (prone)  
2 0:59:21 Tony Mehalic 12 ft (prone)  
3 0:59:30 Bryan Theiss 12 ft (prone) OCBP
35 0:59:34 Bruckner Chase 12 ft (prone)  
43 1:01:23 Kevin Kelly 12 ft (prone)  
4 1:02:18 Zack Baron 12 ft (prone)  
5 1:06:57 Brian Byles 12 ft (prone)  
6 1:07:46 Tom Coleman 12 ft (prone)  
7 1:18:20 Bruce Hilton 12 ft (prone)  
33 1:20:11 Sean McAinue 12 ft (prone)  
# TIME Paddler Category PATROL
13 1:01:40 Pat McVan 10.6 NWBP
12 1:07:04 Devon Bateman 10.6 NWBP
11 1:10:58 Terrance Boyle 10.6 NWBP
47 1:20:06 Steve Martinilli 10.6  
29 1:33:20 Tom Rickard 10.6  
18 1:35:28 Julie Cagno 10.6  
37 1:42:47 Kim Soparito-Austin 11.6  
48 1:49:25 Shannon Oneill 10.6  
# TIME Paddler Category PATROL
22 1:09:01 Josette Lata 12.6  
24 1:20:24 Michelle Barbera 12.6  
26 1:25:15 Rachelle Damminger 12.6  
21 1:25:52 Jennifer Luff  12.6  
42 1:25:56 Wendy frantz 12.6  
19 1:39:40 Evanne Ellenberg 12.6  
# TIME Paddler Category PATROL
4 1:50:56 Chrissy Swan 10 SUP  
1 1:50:57 Tiffany Prettyman 10 SUP  
# TIME Paddler Category PATROL
20 0:54:34 Jason Chew 14  
25 0:55:25 Paul Giunta 14  
28 0:56:00 Todd Desatnick 14  
38 0:56:43 Chad Desatnick 14  
14 0:57:05 Sean Duffey 14 LBP
30 0:58:15 Carl Tripician 14  
41 1:03:41 David Allison 14  
36 1:03:50 Estratios Padgidas 14  
39 1:06:27 steve swift 14  
40 1:07:20 Matt Alankinson 14  
34 1:08:49 Ed Okinsky 14  
15 1:09:00 David Castellani 14  
16 1:14:47 John Ahern 14  
32 1:23:20 Tricia piola 14  
31 1:26:19 Stacy Golinski 14  
44 1:36:13 Jayne Lukens 14  
17 1:36:35 Michael Falciani 14  
45 1:47:12 Deb Danastasio 14  
46 1:53:37 Maggie Kernan 14  
# TIME Paddler Category PATROL
23 0:59:40 Lewis Ostrander unlimited open  


BAY RACE-  2014 Date: July 21 (note this was originally set for July 22, but needed to be changed)

The Upper Township Beach Patrol and the Deauville Inn are sponsoring the MS 6 Mile Bay Race on Tuesday, July 21, 2014. All proceeds from entry fees will be donated to the MS Society. The race meeting will be held at 6:00 p.m. at the Deauville Inn in Strathmere, the race will begin between 6:00 and 6:15 p.m. The following information must be shared with all members of your patrol who wish to participate.

Boat drop-off and launching: If coming from the south, stay straight on Commonwealth through blinking light, then make a left on East Sea Cliff. (If coming from the north, make a left at blinking light after crossing bridge.) There will be signs to assist you as well. Boats will be unloaded and reloaded at the end of this road.



Race Numbers: The number belongs on the port side of the boat, as close to the bow as possible, and as close to the gunnel as possible.  It is the racer’s responsibility to put the number where it belongs.  You risk disqualification if the number is not visible at the finish.  You have been warned.

Race meeting: The meeting will be held at the Deauville Inn at 5:30.  It takes time to register all boats, explain race rules and course, and launch all the boats.  It is very important that all crews are present with waivers and race fees at 5:30.
PADDLEBOARD MEETING: Starts at 5:45. The Race begins at 6:30. $30 entry fee.

Boat Weight:  All boats must weigh no less than 325 lbs and meet the standard Van Duyne specifications.  Boats will be inspected upon arrival in Strathmere.  The scale will be on-sight and most boats will be weighed in before the race.  All winning boats will be weighed in before places are finalized.  No boat weighing less than 325 lbs will be eligible to place in the race.  This is a race for charity, therefore boats not meeting the standard will be allowed to row, but cannot place.  If you have any doubt about the boat that will be used, be sure to bring it to the drop-off location before 4 pm

Entry Fee: The entry fee for rowing is $100 dollars per boat.  Have checks or purchase orders made out to MS Society. If paying in cash, be sure your count is accurate and in large bills.  Included in your packet is a pledge sheet for participants to record donations. Make additional copies if necessary.  Crews must present their fees before they will be eligible to race. The entry fee for paddleboard is $30.  Have checks payable to UTBP Assoc.

Waivers:  All participants must sign waivers before they can row or paddle in this race.  You will find a copy of the waiver in your packet.  It will facilitate the race meeting if these waivers are signed prior to the meeting, especially if one crew member will be arriving late.  Make additional copies if necessary. Also be sure to be accurate in the age information for the new awards.

Maps:  You will also find a map of the course in your packet, please make copies for all participating crews.

The Start: We will continue to use a stagger start to begin the race.   An “A” start will be given to any crew who finished in the top fifteen last year.  Individual rowers who finished in the top fifteen last year, but are rowing with a new partner are not guaranteed an “A” start, but will receive consideration.  Open spots in the “A” start will be filled by Captain’s discretion based upon past year’s performance and 2007-race performance. These 15 boats will start in the first heat.  There will be a separate start for beach patrol’s “B” boat, which will consist of working members of patrols stacked in their patrol’s designated lane.  Finally, there will be a third start for alumni, female and co-ed boats.  All of these starts will be timed and the overall winner will have the best time. Paddleboards will start immediately after the C start. Please call in the names of a crew who is eligible, or would like consideration for an “A” start as soon as possible.  The start and finish are in front of the Deauville dock.

T-shirts and Awards: T-shirts for all competitors and awards for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, overall, 1st place female crew, 1st place mixed doubles, 1st place alumni crew, other  awards will also include top boat with combined age of 40-32 or the youngest finishers and top boat with combined age of 90 or greater or oldest finishers,  1st donations.  Awards in the paddleboard will include 1st place 12′ prone, 1st place open prone, 1st place in SUP categories and 1st place female in any or all categories.  2nd and 3rd place awards may be given out pending on the amount of entries.    Food, beverages, and T-shirts will be available to all spectators.

Spectator Rules:  The Deauville Inn is licensed by the state of New Jersey to serve alcoholic beverages, which means no one will be served without proper ID and no personal coolers will be permitted on the premise. Spectators can sit on the beach in front of the beach side bar and may bring their own beach chairs to this location.  Spectators may dine on the deck when their full party is present.  A modified menu will be offered to those sitting at the beach bar.

Call in participants by July 18th  : Please notify us of your participants’ names by this date.  Call our beach shack at 263-1151.

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