Beach Information

Beach Information

All beaches in Upper Township are free and do not require beach tags.  Parking is available at Beesley’s Point and free parking on the street is available in Strathmere.

Beaches in Strathmere are protected from 10 am to 6 pm.  In Beesley’s Point, guards are on duty from 9 am to 5 pm.  Protected beaches in Strathmere are at Seacliff, Williams, Whittier, Tecumseh, Sherman, and Prescott.  Guards are posted at Morris beach located in front of the trailer park on weekends.

Adjustments to protected beaches can take place in early June or late August.  Call 609-263-1151 for confirmation during these times.


Lifeguard Headquarters is located at Williams Rd. in Strathmere.


Port-o-pots are located at Williams Rd, Putnam Rd, and 1400 Commonwealth.  There are Port-o-pots at Beesley’s Point also.


Handicap access ramps are located at Williams and Putnam Rd.  Call beach Headquarters if you need a beach wheelchair. 609-263-1151


Boogie boards and rafts are permitted at all bathing beaches at the discretion of the lifeguards based on the conditions of the day.


Upper Township Beach Patrol utilizes the beach flag warning system.  The colors indicate the conditions for that day.  The meaning of the flags is as follows:

Green- mild conditions, low risk of rip currents, but still swim with caution.

Yellow- moderate conditions, moderate risk for rip currents and swimmers and patrons should enter the water with caution.

Red- rough conditions, high risk of rip currents, restrictions will be placed on swimmers to keep them safe in the water

Red with No Swim symbol- beach is closed to swimming

Red/Yellow Combined-  a lost child/individual has been reported and a search is underway


No dogs are permitted on any of Upper Township’s beaches from May through September.


Surfing is permitted south of Tecumseh and north of Sherman.  Lifeguards may allow surfing between other protected beaches pending the conditions of the given day.


Fishing is permitted south of Prescott and north of Seacliff.  Lifeguards may allow fishing between other protected beaches pending the conditions of the given day.


Beach Parties, Fires, Motor Vehicles, Alcoholic Beverages, and changing of clothes are not permitted on Upper Township beaches.


Beach Access signs are posted at every beach path.  Please take note of where you are entering the beach, especially in areas not protected by lifeguards.  This will allow personnel to respond to the correct location in the case of an emergency.