Meet a Guard

Meet A Guard

Every few weeks we’ll take time to interview and discuss one of our Upper guards to give everyone an insight on what makes our patrol the best in South Jersey.

Kevin Gill

One of the fast rising names on the upper township beach patrol is that of Kevin Gill. Just completing his rookie year, Kevin has been a great addition for the patrol this year. This year Kevin burst onto the competitive scene by making a big impact on the patrol’s Beschen-Callahan team by taking 1st place in the swim and run-swim events.  This led the way for UTBP’s 1st Beschen-Callahan team championship.  Kevin then helped the UTBP place third in the Dutch-Hoffman’s with a third place in the swim to go with Ford Palmer’s 1st place in the two mile run.  Gill, Palmer and Dan Palombo teamed up to win the Iron Man Relay at the Kerr Memorials which propelled the UTBP to 2nd place in that event.  Kevin took third place in the South Jersey’s which when added to Jon Oneil and Dan Palombo taking 5th and Palombo capping off the night with Upper’s first win in a South Jersey’s event allowed Upper to secure a tie with Ocean City for the most points in the 2014 race.


Captain Handley’s Comments on Kevin Gill:

Kevin is a tremendous athlete, but more importantly is a great kid with a top notch work ethic.  He arrives every day ready to do his job and is willing to do whatever the job might entail on that day.  We all realize that Kevin’s talents have brought UTBP to a new level of competitiveness, but we are never reminded of this by Kevin due to his nature of keeping his ego in check.  We look forward to many years of watching Kevin compete, and help keep the patrons of Upper’s beaches safe.


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